2013 Preview of Bull Sale Offering - complete catalogue will be available early February on this website and on Transcon Livestock's website.
For more information regarding any of the bulls contact Barry at home:
(306) 969-4820 or cell: (306) 815-7900.

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photo of IPU Advance 144Z

IPU Advance 144Z
Birthdate: Feb. 4/2012
Sire: LFEBISS Black Advance 426U
Dam's Sire: Golden OpportunityHR R851
photo of IPU 403P Throttle 191Z
IPU 403P Throttle 191Z
Birthdate: Feb. 14/2012
Sire: 3D BLK Full Throttle 483X
Dam's Sire: PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker

photo of IPU Liner 56U 74Z

IPU Liner 56U 74Z
Birthdate: Jan. 25/2012
Sire: Springcreek Liner 56U
Dam's Sire: PRL Houston 005H
photo of IPU Stubby 3Z

IPU Stubby 3Z
Birthdate: Jan. 1/2012
Sire: LFE BS Lewis 322U (Stubby)
Dam's Sire: BF L113 Hero
photo of IPU Poker Face 180Z
IPU Poker Face 180Z
Birthdate: Feb.12/2012
Sire: Drake Poker Face 2X
Dam's Sire: Double Bar D Driftwood 83
photo of IPU Liner 56U 133Z
IPU Liner 56U 133Z
Birthdate: Feb. 3/2012
Sire: Springcreek Liner 56U
Dam's Sire: Brooks Above Par

To discuss the 2013 sale offering, receive catalogues or DVD's, call Barry at (306) 969-4820 or his cell (306) 815-7900

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