Preview of 2014 Bull Sale Offering

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photo of IPU 103A
IPU 56U Ms BLK Liner 103A -
Birthdate: Jan.30/2013
Sire: Springcreek Liner 56U
Dam's Sire: Brooks Above Par
photo of IPU 57A
IPU Ms Black Horizon 57A - HOMO POLLED
Birthdate: Jan. 24/2013
Sire: MAF R Horizon 7Y
Dam's Sire: KBR Black Exciter 758T
photo of iPU 138A
IPU 56U Ms. Liner 138A
Birthdate: Feb. 4/2013
Sire: Springcreek Liner 56U
Dam's Sire: Hook's Red Quorum 55H
photo of IPU 109A
IPU Ms Black Lotto 109A
Birthdate: Jan. 30/2013
Sire: Springcreek Lotto 52Y
Dam's Sire: IPU Red Nugget 132N
photo of IPU 151A
IPU Ms. Bejjzs 151A
Birthdate: Feb. 6/2013
Sire: KOP Marksman 36Y
Dam's Sire: Crossroad Sunny 620T
photo of IPU 145A
IPU Ms Marksman 145A
Birthdate: Feb. 4/2013
Sire: KOP Marksman 36Y
Dam's Sire: TNT Accelerator S226
photo of IPU 33A
IPU Ms Red Western 33A
Birthdate: Jan. 21/2013
Sire: IPU Red Western 49X
Dam's Sire: IPU Red Touchdown 32S
photo of IPU 74A
IPU Ms Yura Queen 74A - HOMO POLLED
Birthdate: Jan. 26/2013
Sire: KOP Esposito 95Y
Dam's Sire: LFE BS Lewis 322U
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