Preview of 2015 Bull Sale Offering

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photo of IPU 66B
Lot #104 - IPU Ms. El Tigress 66B
Birthdate: Jan. 27/2014
Sire: MRL El Tigre 52Z
Dam's Sire: Sand Ranch Hand
photo of IPU 13B
Lot #96 - IPU Ms. Tula 13B
Birthdate: Jan. 14/2014
Sire: Drake Poker Face 2X
Dam's Sire: Mr HOC Broker
photo of IPU 116B
Lot #105 - IPU Ms. El Tigress 116B
Birthdate: Feb. 13/2014
Sire: MRL El Tigr | e 52Z
Dam's Sire: Hart Extra Effort G289
photo of IPU 14B
Lot #98 - IPU Ms. Cobra 14B
Birthdate: Jan. 15/2014
Sire: NCB Cobra 47Y
Dam's Sire: Springcreek BLK Tank 1U
photo of IPU 74B
Lot #109 - IPU Ms. Horizon 74B
Birthdate: Jan. 30/2014
Sire: MAF $ Horizon 7Y
Dam's Sire: Hart Extra Effort G289
photo of IPU 153B
Lot #112 - IPU Ms. Ribstone 153B
Birthdate: Mar. 5/2014
Sire: IPU Ribstone 60Z
Dam's Sire: TNT Accelerator S226
photo of IPU 6B
Lot #106 - IPU Ms Red Mountain 6B
Birthdate: Jan. 11/2014
Sire: KWA FLYF Red Mountain 16Z
Dam's Sire: MRL Red Force 12Y
photo of IPU 2B
Lot #113 - POLLED FULLBLOOD - IPU Ms. Zoya 2B
Birthdate: Jan. 6/2014
Sire: TTU Canyon
Dam's Sire: Champs Wallace
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