IPU RED POCAHONTAS 105L (no photo available)

Reg#PG565125 BD: February 11, 2001

CA-BPG529858 BVD Festus 35G
Sire: CA-PG542811 Hart Red Chief J242
US_1760148 Miss T Casina D712

CA-PTG372505 ER Red Deck 639D
Dam: CA-PG417903 Twin Brae Heather
CA-PG341260 Big Sky's Tillis 67E

Photo below is of IPU 71N, owned by Robb Farms.
She is a well known daughter of IPU 105L.

photo of IPU 71N

IPU Ms Red Ribeye 71N


Examples of IPU 105L's progeny:

photo of IPU 132W

IPU 105L EXCEL 132W - sold for $20,500 in 2010 Bull Sale to
Dusty Kunkle, New Salem, ND

photo of IPU 92U

IPU ACCELERATOR 92U sold for $8,100 in 2009 to
X-T Simmentals, East End, SK


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