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photo of herdbull MAF R Horizon 7Y

(photo taken October, 2013)

MAF R Horizon 7Y

Reg: PG744058 BD: Jan. 9, 2011 BW: 95 lb.

Homo Polled

R Plus Blackedge
Sire: LFE BS Lewis 322U
LFE BS MS Arnold 135S

LFE Dreaming Red 503S
Dam: LFE KJLI Dreamlady 79W
KJLI Anna 72P

Footnotes: When we saw Horizon and his mother at 2011 Canadian Western Agribition, we knew we wanted him to help advance our program. Along with partners, Oberle Farms, Hay Valley Ranches and Maxwell Land & Cattle, we purchased him for $82,000 at Checkers Sale on December 17, 2011 in Red Deer, AB.

Horizon is a true beef bull with the thickness of muscle, shape of rib, moderate frame, and good hair that we were looking for in a new herd sire. We are all excited about the contribution he is making to our programs.

His sire LFE BS Lewis 322U, known in the industry as Stubby 322U, has made a name for himself as his progeny have developed in various herds across the industry. We feel fortunate to have been able to purchase Horizon, a Stubby son who created so much excitement in the industry as a calf.

Horizon's dam, LFE Dreamlady 79W, was purchased by Meadow Acres Farm as a high selling bred heifer from Lewis Farms at Checkers 2010 sale. She developed into a very powerful, deep bodied, two-year-old that did a great job on Horizon. What an investment she turned out to be when Horizon was the top selling bull at Checkers 2011 sale.

Horizon's calves are impressive - thick muscled, deep bodied and stout. They have created a wave of excitement when presented to the public.

We featured our first Horizon calf crop in our 34th Annual Bull and Female Sale on February 28th, 2014, including the four bulls shown on the right. Our 16 Horizon sons averaged $12,860 with the top seller bringing $59,000. The Horizon calves were again very popular in our March, 2015 Bull & Female Sale.

Calving season ended the long wait for Horizon daughters to have their first calves. We retained over 30 Horizon daughters and are pleased with the job they are doing as we add these young females to our cowherd.

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photo of herd bull Horizon


(Fall 2011 photo)

photo of herdbull MAF R Horizon 7Y


(October, 2012 photo)
Horizon progeny sold at our
2014 Bull & Female Sale
photo of herdbull IPU Horizon 16A
IPU Red Zone 16A
Birthdate: Jan. 17/2013
photo of IPU 5A
IPU Horizon 5A
Birthdate: Jan. 13/2013
photo of IPU 36A
IPU Horizon 36A
Birthdate: Jan. 21/2013
photo of IPU 309Z
IPU 68M Horizon 309Z
Birthdate: Nov. 18/2012

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