Co-owned by: LaBatte Simmentals/Sun Rise Simmentals/Oberle Bros

photo of Springcreek Spark Plug

Springcreek Spark Plug

Reg: PG1134539 BD: Jan. 9, 2015 BW: 99 lbs.

Homo Polled

Double Bar D Maestro 100S
Sire: P716202 Anchor D Viper 103W
PRL Lopez 147L

KOP Crosby 137W
Dam: PG756566 Springcreek Brooke 68Z
Springcreek Brooke 11W


The $95,000 feature bull purchased by LaBatte Simmentals, Sun Rise Simmentals and Oberle Bros., at the 2016 Spring Creek Bull Sale. Quote from 2016 Sale Catalogue "He has impeccable phenotype and that herd bull look from top to bottom and front to back, he is solid red with a blaze face to boot. He is truly an outcross pedigree for the Red and Black Simmental business. 'Viper', his sire, has been used successfully in many traditional programs. Check out the sires of Spark Plug's dams' side: 'Crosby', 'Red Teddy' and 'SC Red Tank 57P'. He has a very nice disposition and huge testicles. His EPD's are very positive and his individual performance was at the top of his class."

We were very impressed by Spark Plug's correct, sound conformation and attention-getting eye appeal. We wanted to add a new bloodline and felt he combined pedigree, EPD's and conformation into such an attractive package, that we needed him in our program. We are happy to share him with our partners and feel the Spark Plug calves that will be produced will have the potential to play a whole new role in the industry.

All three owners have Spark Plug calves. They came easy and as they develop are showing great promise and will be exciting individuals at the 2018 spring sales.

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Spring 2018 EPD's
CE: 5.2
BWT: 2.6
WWT: 76.3
YWT: 117.3
MCE: 8.7
MWWT 68.0
MK: 29.9
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