Photo of herdbull Crossroad Black Blt 263A

Crossroad Black Bolt263A

Reg: PBG787252 BD: January 10, 2013 BW: 99 lb.

Hart All In W382
Sire: PBG740774 Springcreek All In 155Y
Springcreek Blk Tess 73T

Lchmn Bodybuilder 7303F
Dam: PG639804 Crossroad Rosemary 394R
Crossroad Makayla 185M

Footnotes: Black Bolt is a stout, blaze-faced, black bull we purchased a 1/3 interest in at the 2014 Crossroads Bull Sale. We were impressed by his thickness, length and performance.

He had an actual weaning weight of 1150 lbs., that adjusted to a weaning weight of 968 lbs., and an actual yearling weight of 1450 lbs., that adjusted to a 365 day weight of 1496 lbs.

His young sire has done a good job and his dam is a super-uddered Bodybuilder cow that has been an excellent producer for Crossroads. We look forward to having sons with some extra pounds and blaze-faces to offer our customers.

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