Co-owned by: LaBatte Simmentals & Oberle Bros.

photo of herdbull MRL El Tigre 52Z

Photo taken: October 7, 2014

MRL El Tigre 52Z

Reg: BPG775788 BD: Jan. 15, 2012 BW: 100 lbs.

Homo Polled & Hetero Black

Wheatland Bull 680S
Sire: BPG714342 Wheatland Predator 922W
Wheatland Lady 752T

MRL Black Bear 79S
Dam: BPTG768235 MRL Miss 836W
MRL Miss 828S

Footnotes: LaBatte Simmentals and Oberle Bros. purchased El Tigre 52Z for $61,000 at the 2013 MRL Ranch Bull Sale.

52Z is a powerful herdbull prospect featuring tremendous thickness and muscle that will add rear quarter to our black programs. His pedigree is full of cattle that are well-known and have had, and are continuing to have, a major influence on the Simmental industry.

Add in that he had good weight per day of age, above average testicle size and weaning and yearling EPD's in the top 10 percent of the breed made him a bull we felt we had to have for our programs.

The El Tigre calves are impressive. From birth they have the thickness and rear quarter we expected and show a very desirable growth pattern. El Tigre calves have been among our sale features since our 2015 Bull & Female Sales.


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photo of herdbull MRL El Tigre 52Z

2013 Sale Photo of El Tigre

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