Co-owned with: Westwood Land and Cattle/Oberle Bros.

photo of herdbull Springcreek Liner 56U

(Photo taken: October, 2013)

Springcreek Liner 56U

Reg #BPT688629 BD: January 21, 2008 BW: 104 lb.

Homo Polled

HC Power Drive 88H
Sire: BPT607954 RCC/TCL Line Drive M181
BOZ Sweet Temptation

TNT Black Shadow
Dam: BPG593295 Levas K93
Nevas Black Foot H819

Footnotes: Labatte Simmentals, Westwood Land & Cattle and Oberle Bros., teamed up to purchase the $48,000 56U bull at the 2009 Springcreek Simmental Bull Sale. He has developed into a long, stout, attractive bull that has worked well in the pastures of all his owners. He sires calves with the eye appeal, stoutness, and growth to make them very merchandisable and useful to the industry.

We are pleased to be able to offer 56U sons that are among the features at our bull sales. The top selling red and black bulls in 2012 were both sons of 56U. His 10 sons sold for an average of right at $13,000. Some of the first 56U daughters we sold were available in the female portion of the 2012 sale including the second top seller at $7,750.

56U sons and daughters have continued to be popular with our customers. In our 2014 Bull Sale, 9 sons sold averaging $6,528 with a top of $14,000.

As the 56U daughters came into production, they caught the industry's attention by proving capable of producing sons and daughters that are highly sought after. In our 2016 Bull & Female Sale the six sons out of 56U daughters averaged $25,666. Plus a 56U daughter produced our top selling female at $19,000.

In our 2018 Bull Sale, two Spark Plug sons of our flush cow IPU 52N Ms. Pocahontas 2Y, a daughter of 56U (see all three below) sold for $23,000 and $18,000.

56U has definitely earned a place in our herdbull battery and we look forward to continuing to offer his progeny to the industry.

Progeny of Liner 56U daughter IPU 2Y
Sold in March, 2018 Bull & Female Sale

photo of IPU 52Nl

Flush Cow: IPU 52N Ms. Pocahontas 2Y

photo of IPU 160E

2Y's son IPU 160E Lot #18
sold for $18,000

photo of IPU 166E

2Y's son IPU 166E Lot #19
sold for $23,000

Progeny of Liner 56U daughters
Sold in March, 2016 Bull & Female Sale

photo of IPU 25C

IPU 25C sold as Lot 20 for $77,500
Dam is a Liner 56U daughter

photo of IPU 4C

IPU 4C, sold as Lot 11 for $25,000
Dam is a Liner 56U daughter

photo of IPU 41C

IPU 41C, sold as Lot 101 for $19,000
Dam is a Liner 56U daughter

Sold in March, 2014 Bull & Female Sale

photo of herdbull IPU 56U Red Liner

IPU 56U Red Liner 215A
Sold as Lot 46 for $14,000

Sold in March, 2012 Bull & Female Sale

photo of IPU 18Y

IPU Red Chakota 18Y, sold as Lot 6 for $28,500

photo of IPU 103Y

IPU Liner 56U 103Y, sold as Lot 47 for $23,000


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