Owned by: Blacksand Cattle, MB & LaBatte Simmentals & Meadow Acres Farms

photo of herd bull Lotto

Springcreek Lotto 52Y

Reg: BPG736441 BD: Jan. 14, 2011 BW: 94 lbs.
2012 Sale Weight: 1490 lbs. Testicles: 42 cm.

Homo Polled & Hetero Black

Muirhead Live Wire 95R
KOP Ms Bengie 6P

Springcreek Tank 63P
Springcreek Linne 71P

Footnotes: LaBatte Simmentals and Blacksand Cattle Co., teamed up to buy Springcreek Lotto 52Y for $77,000. at the 2012 Springcreek Bull Sale.

We thought he was a very complete bull that would introduce some different genetics into our black program from both his sire and dam.

Lotto was leased to Genex and spent the summer of 2012 in stud. Semen is currently being sold by Genex in Canada.

In the spring of 2014, the walking rights to Lotto were sold to Meadow Acres Farms, LaBatte's and Blacksand will retain semen rights.

Lotto's first calf crop sold in our 2014 Bull Sale with 11 sons averaging $6,760 with a top price of $15,500.

Lotto's sons were popular in the 2014 Blacksand Bull Sale and his calves will again attract interest in future sales.

Example of Lotto's progeny sold in 2014:

photo of IPU 198A

IPU 403P Red Lotto 198A
Birthdate: Feb. 16/2013
Sire: Springcreek Lotto 52Y
Dam's Sire: PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker
Sold for $15,500

photo of IPU 3A

IPU Black Lotto 3A
Birthdate: Jan. 12/2013
Sire: Springcreek Lotto 52Y
Dam's Sire: PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker
Sold for $7,250


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