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photo of IPU Red Deputy 25C

IPU Red Deputy 25C

Reg #PG1159444 BD: January 14, 2015
BW: 84 lbs.

Homo Polled

Adj. Weaning Weight: 878 lbs.

Kuntz Marshall 12Y
Sire: PG794268 Kuntz Sheriff 8A
Peacock's Li'l Nettie 23Y

Springcreek Liner 56U
Dam: PG791510 IPU 56U Ms. Red Liner 81A
ASR Ms Black Desi W9154


Red Deputy was a feature bull in our 2016 Bull Sale that sold for $77,500 to Kunkle Farms of ND. This homo polled son of the calving ease bull Sheriff and a powerful daughter of 56U and our donor cow Desi had the look of a herdbull from an early age.

Starting with an 84 pound birthweight, born unassisted, and an actual weaning weight of 930 lbs., which adjusted to 878 lbs., he has developed into a powerful herd bull. His spring 2017 EPDs show him in the top 15% of the breed for 8 traits. His first calves are proof of his herdbull potential. We were happy to get a semen package and used him across a number of good females in 2017.

Red Deputy sired our high selling bull at our 2018 Bull & Female Sale for $52,000 and our high selling red heifer at $15,000.

photo of IPU 24E

IPU 24E sold as Lot 3 for $52,000

IPU 111E

IPU 111E sold as Lot 108 for $15,000

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