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RWR Solstice 33D

RWR Solstice 33D

Reg #1181177 BD: January 18, 2016
BW: 80 lbs.

Adj. Weaning Weight: 851 lbs.
365 Day Adj. Weight: 1454 lbs.

FGAF Seldom 835L
Sire: 675320 JNR's Salton
JNR's Margo 2N

Champs Wallace
Dam:1124294 RWR Ms Wallace 79B
IPU 519L Ms Marilyn 63T


When we found Solstice during our search for a Fullblood herdbull, we felt he was an excellent candidate. We purchased him from the Tylers of Red Willow Ranch in partnership with Circle 7, for $20,500.

Solstice is very complete in his makeup, is deep-ribbed, loose-hided, easy-fleshing and very dark red. His dam is a first-calving heifer who is red, attractive, deep and thick. His sire brings some different genetics to our program with exceptional calving EPDs which will benefit our customers. We liked his 80 lb. birthweight and the fact that he competed and performed well enough to be at the very top end of the pen.

The calves by Solstice are meeting our expectations as we strive to produce Fullblood bulls that meet the colour and birthweight demands of our commercial customers who use Fullbloods to bring new genetics to their cow herds.

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