Meadow Acres Farms (the Fornwald family) of Lampman, SK purchases a large group of LaBatte Simmentals females ...

photo of Blair, Laurel Fornwald      photo of Fornwald family

Blair and Laurel Fornwald          Dustin, Kirsten, Brenna and Britt Fornwald

The spring of 2013 brought with it, a major decision. We were approached by Meadow Acres Farms (the Fornwald family) of Lampman, SK, with a proposal to purchase a major portion of our red and black Simmental females. After some sleepless nights and serious thought, we decided we should further pursue this idea. Maybe the fact the proposal came at a time when we were just finishing calving, dealing with too many cattle for our facilities, and trying to A.I. in the mud, helped make our decision easier.

We also liked the idea of being able to stay in the Simmental business, calving about 120 plus cows in 2014. This will allow us to continue to produce bulls for our annual sale. Combining bulls produced by LaBatte Simmentals with bulls of similar bloodlines from Meadow Acres, will ensure a bull sale with even larger numbers of the top quality bulls our customers have come to expect.

Meadow Acres Farms is a family farm with 7,500 acres used for grain and cattle production. The people involved in the Fornwald operation are Blair and Laurel Fornwald, their son Dustin and his wife Kirsten, who have two young children, and Blair’s brother Calvin and his wife Brenda.

The Fornwald’s emphasis in the cattle industry has been on a very successful purebred polled Hereford herd, which was dispersed in October, 2013. The cows purchased from LaBatte’s will replace the Herefords, and together with the Simmental cows previously developed by Meadow Acres, will make them a powerful force in the industry.

Meadow Acres will be a guest consignor to the 34th annual LaBatte Bull Sale, to be held on February 28, 2014. Their portion of the sale bulls will increase as their numbers grow; and hopefully I can discipline myself to keep our numbers reduced.

We thank the Fornwalds for the confidence shown in our program with the addition of the LaBatte females to their herd. The Fornwalds bring youth, skill. and enthusiasm to the Simmental business. We look forward to working with them as they continue to develop their program.


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Barry LaBatte






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