Tyler Farms purchases all LaBatte Simmentals saleable Fullblood cows, and Champs Wallace...

photo of Tyler's truck

January, 2013 -- Our cowherd had grown to where it was overwhelming our facilities and we knew we had to make some changes. When Tyler Farms, represented by Darren Tyler and his sons approached us about purchasing a sizeable group of Fullblood females, we decided this was the ideal opportunity to reduce our numbers.

We liked the fact that the Fullblood cows, which had been a very important part of LaBatte Simmentals, would continue to be in one herd and managed and promoted by a younger generation of very enthusiastic ad capable cattlemen.

Fullblood cattle have been very good to us and we expect the Fullblood influence will continue to be important for the cattle industry. We extend our sincere thanks and wish Tyler Farms well in their future endeavours.



photo of Barry LaBatte


Barry LaBatte